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The Fabulous Gardens of Victoria

Victoria's Gardens

Well, if you're looking for lots of flowers and lots of greenery, you've come to the right place. Victoria is known as the Garden Capital of Canada. The common misconception is that it rains all the time in Victoria. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we do get rain, it rains a lot more in Vancouver and Seattle. Victoria is in fact one of the sunniest spots in British Columbia. Sun and rain- the perfect combination for perfect gardens. And we take gardening very seriously here. In fact, every year, we count every flower, individually- to make sure each one is perfect, of course!


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Every year, the City of Victoria hangs more than 1,600 flower baskets hang from lamp posts in the city centre creating an explosion of colour in the air. Everywhere you look, even at the blue sky, is filled with colour and flowers.


Victoria's Hanging Baskets




Video Courtesy of Canada Travel


Albion Manor Gardens


Abkhazi Gardens


Beacon Hill Park


Butchart Gardens


Butterfly Gardens


Finnerty Gardens


Government House Gardens


Glendale Garden


Hatley Park Gardens


Horticulture College of the Pacific


Milner Gardens and Woodland


Playfair Park


Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary



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